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Bugra Turan MS. EE
Courses Taken During Studies in USC

EE441 Applied Linear Algebra for Engineering (Dr. Solomon W. GOLOMB)

EE464 Probability Theory for Engineers (Dr.Alexis DIMAKIS)

EE479 Analog and Non-linear Integrated Circuit Design (Ali ZADEH)

EE482 Linear Control Systems (Dr.M.G SAFONOV)

EE553 Computational Solution of Optimization Problems(Dr.M.G SAFONOV)

EE543a Digital Control Systems(Dr. Petros IOANNOU)

EE585 Linear System Theory(Dr.Edmond A. JONCKHEERE)

AME527 Elements of Vehicle and Energy System Design (Dr.John WINKLER)

EE587 Nonlinear & Adaptive Control (Dr. Petros IOANNOU)

EE527 Net-Centric Power Control (Dr.Edmond A. JONCKHEERE)

EE536A Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design (Dr. John CHOMA)

EE588 Linear Quadratic Control (Dr.Edmond A. JONCKHEERE)

CS545 Robotics (Dr. Amin ATRASH)

EE590 Directed Research (Dr.Edmond A. JONCKHEERE)










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