R Abhay Karthik

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2632, Ellendale Place,					                  E-mail - aramacha @ usc.edu
App: 110, Los Angeles,					   	                 abhaykarthik @ gmail.com
CA-90007, USA						                  Web -    http://scf.usc.edu/~aramacha
Phone - 323 316 4345 


•	Research Engineer at the Indian Institute of Sciences for a year.
•	Currently pursuing Masters in the field of Electrical Engineering specializing in Computer Networks and Information Technology.
•	Developed bandwidth management software and web portal for Quality of Service
•	Teaching Assistantship at the Marshall School of Business, USC
•	Adaptive nature, Self Motivated, good verbal and written communication skills, willingness to learn, dedicated and hard-working.


Research Engineer at (HIRP)-HFCL, Indian Institute of Science Research Project, for 1 year 
Project 1: “Developing software for bandwidth management” 
•	Designed hierarchical network topology with optimum bandwidth management
•	Programming an interface for logging various parameters associated with network traffic flow.
•	Programming using C and C++.
•	Testing the software at the client network; debugging and fixing the bug

Project 2: “Administrative portal for providing Quality of Service (QoS)”
•	Design and program of interactive Web pages for Internet service providers.
•	Generated graphs for various traffic parameters like occupancy, throughput and aggregate bit rate to provide Quality of Service. Programming using Perl.
•	Testing the portal efficiency for various load conditions.

Internship at UTL, United Telecom Limited.
•	Design and fabrication of IDSL line driver circuit.

Internship at Industrial Biotechnology Corporation, Florida
•	Web-Design and Development of the Global BioBusiness Hotspots Project
•	Database of Biotechnology clusters around the world, Programming using ASP.net
•	Market Research and optimal price placements strategies. 


Projects at USC, University Of Southern California, Los Angeles                                          
•	Operating System: Implementation of operating system called NACHOS 
•	Implementation of a fast food restaurant scenario using operating system concepts
•	Implement Virtual Memory concepts and Remote Procedure Calls
•	Socket Programming
•	Curvature of nodes in a sensor network topology, using Matlab
•	BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Speaking Router – Coding using C and C++
•	Web technologies  
                   -  RSS desktop generator using Java servlets and ROME.
		   - XML parser using scripts and JDOM
		   - Parsing HTML on login using Perl 
 		   - Web based ‘Shopping Cart’ using MySQL and Java Servlets 
                   - Forms connected to database using ASP.net
•	Database –MySQL, Oracle 10g and NetBeans for GUI 
		 -Queries in MySQL
		 -Spatial Database project - displaying images on a graph by executing appropriate queries in oracle.  


•	“Mobile Technology - UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System)”- at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
•	“Wireless protocol 802.16” - as part of final year seminar in bachelor of engineering
•	“BGP router vulnerabilities and domino effect” – at USC


Currently perusing:   	                                   
•Master of Science  in Electrical Engineering (computer networks) Expected Graduation Date    May 2006
                              (USC) University Of Souther California                    GPA(till fall): 3.4/4.0

•Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication                                         June 2003 
                (RVCE) R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.                        GPA: 3.5/4.0


•	Software:         C/C++, Java, Socket Programming, Perl, tcl,VB.net and ASP.net
•	Web programming:  HTML, XML, XSLT, XSL, DOM, CGI scripting, Java Scripts, JSP, 
  Java Servlets (J2EE); Servers: Tomcat, Apache, MySQL, Oracle.
•	Platforms:        DOS, Windows, LINUX, NACHOS.
•	Embedded:         Assembly programming in [8085, 8086, 8051], Embedded controllers [16F84], VLSI, Motorola microcontroller [74HC8611].
•	Labs:             OPNET networking tool- Analyze the effect of routing protocols on  
                          network traffic; Matlab, Network Simulator, Circuit fabrication, Protege
•	Database:         Models: ER, EER, CIOM; DBMS, RDBMS; SQL Queries, XQuery.


•	Best final year project (BS) at United Telecom Limited, Bangalore
•	IEEE Reviewer for Network Control.
•	Scholarship at the Marshall School of Business, USC 
•	State Level tennis Player, represented my college during my undergraduate years


Operating Systems (CSCI402), Networking (EE450), Web Technologies (CSCI571), Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling (EE465), Network control (EE599), 
Broadband Network Architecture (EE 555), Database Systems (CSCI585), BioBusiness: A Strategic Perspective (GSBA 589), Leadership in Global Business (MOR 599). 
Analysis of Algorithms (CSCI 570), DR-Analyzing power laws in AS topology (EE 590)  



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