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Call for Papers

A rise in real-world applications of AI has stimulated significant interest from the public, media, and policy makers, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Along with this increasing attention has come media-fueled concerns about purported negative consequences of AI, which often overlooks the societal benefits that AI is delivering and can deliver in the near future. This symposium will focus on the promise of AI across multiple sectors of society. We seek to bring together AI researchers and researchers/practitioners/experts/policy makers from a wide variety of domains.

The focus on this symposium is on a broad scope of research topics. We are especially interested in addressing societal challenges, which have not yet received significant attention by the AI community or by the constellation of AI sub-communities. We encourage submissions to the symposium from researchers who are interested in AI methods to tackle unsolved societal challenges in a measurable manner and researchers/practitioners/experts/policy makers from domains that could greatly benefit from the introduction of AI based systems.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Urban Computing
    • Smart Transportation
    • Big Data Driven Urban Planning
    • Urban Energy
  • Healthcare
    • Smart Elderly Care
    • Virtual Healthcare Assistants
    • Effective Disease Prevention Information Dissemination
  • Public Welfare and Social Justice
    • Preventing Adverse Police-Public Interactions
    • Child and Women Empowerment
    • Poverty Alleviation
  • Sustainability
    • Wildlife Protection
    • Ecological Modeling
    • Climate Change
  • Security
    • Physical Infrastructure Security
    • Cyber Security
    • International Relations

Submissions should not be longer than 6 pages in length (excluding references) in standard double column AAAI format.